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Long-Distance Movers – The experts

Moving from state to state? Interstate Relocation is here to help you with our expert long distance movers.

Get some long distance Moving tips from the experts

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No matter how far you are moving, whether it’s to the neighboring state or across the country, you can begin your adventure with Interstate Relocation , and we’re here to make your long-distance

moving as stress-free and efficient as possible. There are things we will be happy to do for you like help you pack and unpack, but we are also here to grant you some tips, after years of experience with long-distance moving.

  1. Make sure you have packaged in the appropriate way for long distance

    Our Long-Distance Movers know their work. However, long journeys can bring with them quite a few bumps along the way – which is why it is very important that the packaging is done well.

    • Make sure the fragile objects are well padded.
    • Try that each boxwill be full to the top, to reduce the shaking of objects inside.
    • Make sure that the boxes are of good quality and that they will not rip over during the long trip.
    • It is also a good idea to pack the mattresses, making sure that the mattress is not torn or bent during the long trip.
  2. Insure your belongings

    The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) found that over 80% of moving around the country is not followed by any claim at all, which means that although our long distance movers are among the best, even they have a 20% chance that something will happen to the objects they move on long trips. Therefore, make sure you have good insurance for your belongings. The insurance ranges from basic coverage to very detailed coverage.

  3. Do not pack food and drinks

    There are certain types of food that are obvious to everyone that should not be packaged, such as food requiring a refrigerator or freezer. However, even dry foods in boxes may attract insects. Therefore, it is better not to pack food under any circumstances. Even food in cans or liquids in strong bottles – may be crushed during the long journey, and the best long distance movers can do nothing to prevent such a situation.

  4. Clean the garden furniture thoroughly

    In order to protect against the transmission of various diseases from one country to another, there are prohibitions and restrictions on garden furniture. Therefore, clean your garden furniture carefully and see if there are any holes or other places through which various pestscan enter.

Do not pack and send important documents, take them with you

  1. While packing, people tend to pack in boxes everything there is. Then, when they get to their new home they start looking … But, there are some documents that are very important for you to have, so you should take them with you and not send them with the long distance movers in any case. Here is a short list of these important documents:
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

So, here are some tips that our experienced long distance movers have learned with many years of experience in long distance moving.

Use them well and have a Good Luck!

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