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Interstate Moving Companies

Interstate Moving Companies

It is understandable that moving can be stressful and interstate moving companies sometimes do not help the situation. Long distance move is generally riskier than intrastate move and moving  Interstate Moving Companiescompanies have more State and Federal regulations and insurance. Before settling for the services of an interstate moving company, here are a couple of things to look out for.

Federal and State Regulations

Interstate moving companies are required by law to provide clients with a copy of a booklet published by the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, ‘Your Rights and Responsibility When You Move’. This booklet contains policies and procedures that guide contracts between clients and interstate moving companies.

You accept a considerable amount of risk and burden when you load your belongings into one truck. Therefore state and federal law exist to protect your interest and hold long distance moving companies to high standards while in transit. Bearing this in mind, you must be sure your moving company holds interstate operating authority before letting them take possession of your belongings.

Mode of Operation and standards

Long distance moving means more time on the road which translates into more risks involved in moving. Interstate moving companies, therefore, take higher measures in protecting your possessions to guarantee they arrive at the destination in good shape and condition. This may mean sending moving experts into your home to survey your home or the rooms you want moved to ascertain the approximate size and weight of your items to give you a competitive industry moving cost and service.

When you have settled for a moving company, the company should freely provide information on remediation and compensation in the event of a loss or damage to your possessions. Request for the company claims form and information about company dispute resolutions practices.

Client Feedback And Review

Before settling for an interstate moving company, research online about customer feedback. This will give you a clear understanding of company operation policy and if they’re customer friendly. Stay away from interstate moving companies that hide customer reviews from their website and do not make them available upon request. Research your prospects review to find evidence of professional performance.

Cost of Moving

Moving experts from the interstate moving company who survey your home and possessions should give you a fair cost. But that notwithstanding, it hurts no one – to do personal research for online moving quotes as this will give you a fair idea of moving costs and client privileges. Checking moving quotes using a cost calculator such as Interstate Relocation‘s online moving quotes  goes further to offer moving trucks or pull behind trailers at a fair price if you want to move with a private car. Be wary of moving companies that offer exceptionally low bid as this may be a ploy to attract unsuspecting consumers they eventually swindle of their possessions.

Once you’ve found the right moving company, confirm your moving estimate, moving date, and consider purchasing full value protection. Create a moving checklist and make sure you get professional help during your move. With a little research and education, you can avoid con interstate moving companies and the destruction they leave in their wake.

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