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Checklist For Moving

Preparing for that great move, you need to create a checklist for moving so you do not leave valuable items behind or get some things missing during the move. Long distance moving requires more preparation than some people might think. A minimum of a month before you move, you need to have the following done to facilitate an effective move. Here are a couple of suggestions on things to add to your checklist to ensure a smooth move.

Research and plan your moveCHECKLIST FOR MOVING

This doesn’t seem like what will be on most people’s checklist for moving but it is of great importance.

  • Search out the new community you intend to move into.
  • Pay attention to security challenges in such community as well as schools and healthcare centre if you have a family.
  • Compile all documents as such medical records, legal documents, financial documents, receipts etc.
  • Cancel, set up or transfer utility services such as electricity, water and gas.
  • Measure large items such as a dresser and a table if it can fit through the door. If not, you have ample time to devise alternative means.

Choose a moving service

This goes without saying, you need to choose a moving company. This very important step can be skipped if you are moving in a privately owned car but if otherwise, you need to employ the services of a moving company.

  • After choosing a moving company, be sure to confirm your booking and get a written confirmation of your moving date.
  • Because you are trying to minimize cost, check, using a cost calculator, such as the one here on Interstate Relocation website Free Moving Estimate  to get the most competitive online moving quotes. Getting online moving quotes will help plan a budget. As it is not news that moving from state to state can drill a big hole in your pocket, this step is a great financial management effort.

Begin packing

  • Order boxes and create an actual checklist for moving, this will help you make sure all items you want to be moved, are moved.
  • Sort your items into different boxes and label them.
  • Pack an “essentials box”; a box filled with things you would need immediately at your destination such as light bulb, utensils, and toilet paper. This is the box that must be easiest to reach. Also, pack a separate box for clothes you would use at your destination before you finish unpacking.
  • Indicate which boxes contain fragile items and which should be handled with care, wrap these items up in a bubble wrap so they stay safe even when the box is roughly handled.

Prepare appliances 

  • Drain gas, oil and fuel from lawn mowers, heaters and your car, if you’re shipping it along with your other items.
  • Defrost freezers and refrigerators a day before the move.

Moving Day With Checklist For Moving

  • Pack enough food, supplies and comfortable clothes for the days you’ll be on the road.
  • Create a free path between your house and the moving truck.
  • Go through your checklist to make certain all items have been packed.
  • And finally, do a walkthrough. One last time, check every room, closet and drawer to see that nothing is left behind.

To achieve an easy move create a checklist for moving that fits your peculiar needs, this will help your move and make it easier to settle into your new home.

Wish you good Luck!

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