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Cheapest Cross Country Movers

Cheapest Cross Country MoversMovers

You just landed your dream job in a big financial corporation in a different city, maybe even in a different state. You have searched for an apartment online and fortunately found one that is just in your budget and to your taste. But now you actually need to move, and not just a small move, but a long distance move.

Cheapest Cross Country Movers with high standards

Moving has been regarded as one of the most stressful and least favorite things to do. According to the US. Census Bureau, about one in nine people moved between 2013 and 2014. Moving can dig a deep hole in your pocket and deeps even deeper moving from state to state. We know that very well, and this is why we decided to provide you with the cheapest cross country movers we could find, while keeping a high standard of professional moving services.

How to keep your long distance move affordable?

One of the most important things about moving, especially when it comes to moving between states – is to move only with the things you really need. If there are objects that are no longer in use – it is time to say good-bye. This will reduce your moving costs.

  • Organise A Yard Sale

    In order to get rid of whatever it is you no longer need – you can organize a yard sale and sell off your property. When you think about the troubles and the cost of moving, selling off your belongings comes like a good plan.

  • Donate to charity

    Even though a yard sale is a wonderful thing and can even be profitable –the time before a move – is not really a good time to organize something that consumes much time, such as a yard sale. Therefore, another option to get rid of what you don’t need, and thus save your move expenses is by donating the surplus items to one of the charity organizations in your area. There are many such organizations; all that is needed is to find out where and when.

  • Move In A Car… or not!

    So now that you have said goodbye to everything that is not necessary – it can significantly reduce your moving expenses. What other ideas are to reduce the moving costs? Maybe move it all on your own and rent a car for it? excellent. Now, all you have left is to: 

  • Pack the items and pad them so that they do not get hit inside the car.
  • Pick up all the boxes and furniture – including the refrigerator and antique armoire that you got as a gift from your grandmother – and load them onto the car.
  • The car you rented is probably not big enough, and then you’ll have to part with your mattress and perhaps your sofa and dining table – but nonsense, right?! Who really needs a mattress and a sofa – the main thing is to save on the moving expenses.

And now, let’s be realistic

After toying with the idea of doing it all yourself, we as one of the cheapest cross country movers you will find -promise to do all the work for you in a professional way, but still keep the expenses low. So go to the Interstate Relocation calculator here on our website and get online moving quotes now. We are known as the cheapest cross country movers, and so we can turn the long distance move from an expensive nightmare into a cheap and even enjoyable affair.

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